• Creation and implementation of strategic plans for tourism development
  • Revitalization and specialization in wine tourism and gastronomy, for operators and destinations
  • Design , creation, distribution and marketing of integrated tourism products and complementary services
  • Technical Secretariat for development and monitoring of projects and action plans
  • Specialized training for tourism

Developing touristic intelligence

We promote the use of methodologies and technologies coupled with the experience to generate valuable information in decision making, find out trends and obtain quality, understandable and operative information.
This results in the creation of products and high value-added services that promote boost and revitalization of the territory and its operators.
Fieldwork and follow-up throughout the project facilitate an ongoing communication enabling consensus decisión-making.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. Charles Darwin

From supply to demand and from resource to product

The way to understand tourism has changed and we all need to adapt.
From this paradigm shift, among others, we can draw a conclusión that we find particularly interesting: You need to change the previous approach to offer for a strategy clearly base don customer demand. This client the increasingly no longer content to see things, now wants to live them; and he wants to do it as a local, not as a tourist: to feel part of the place, the time and experiencies.

On the other hand, centering the focus on wine and gastronomic tourism in our country, we could conclude that it is a segment with great potential for growth and a great opportunity factor: We have a lot of quality resources, but they are scattered and fail to form a cohesive offer that could position us as leader in this segment. It is still necessary to carry out the step to convert these resources into tourism products.

Quality tourist offer : creation of complex product

Sapienstravel has specialized in creating these kind of tourism products. Complex products able to meet all customer needs. Cross packages that offer a thorough discovery of the territory, the personality, the landscape tradition, history, culture and people of our country. An emotional, sensitive and stimulating journey through the wine culture, land and people that make it happen.

The creation of these products assembles a wide range offer which facilitates the presentation of a more attractive portfolio when marketing them to TTOO (tour operators) and external outbound agencies, as for them it is easier to incorpórate into their programs these closed and complete proposals.

It also generates a multiplier effect, both the creation of more packages by other operators and the visits induced in the different destinations. According to studies by Professor Jose Antonio Donaire, of the University of Girona, there is a ratio of 1 to 8-12 which states that for every package sold directly by a travel agency, between 8 and 12 people use the information contained in the package as a script to make the trip on their own.

  • Fully custom tailored travels for groups: companies, associations, schools…
  • Incentive trips
  • Travel gift (gift bottle format)
  • Technical and training travels
  • • Design and organization of famtrips, presstrips, blogtrips…

Discovering stories, living emotions

Because we like to tell us stories, because wine culture evoques feelings and proposes adventures as we discover routes around the world. Because we want to share with you an emotional, sensitive stimulating journey through the world of wine, land and the people who grow it; people who are rooted, who have made it their way of life and, generously they offer these experiences and knowledge first-hand.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.  Lao-Tse


Sapienstravel, in addition to the services of the travel agency to market the products created, also has a service line with personnel specialized in designing and optimizing corporate travel or those which have special requirements due to its complexity and volume or the objectives to be achieved.

  • Organization of events around the world of wine of all kinds, format and size
  • From logistics and complementary activities to design and overall management of the event. Fully customized and tailored to customer needs
  • Congresses, fairs, presentations, product launches, group dynamics, team building, coaching, incentive activities…
  • Courses and wine tastings, musical performances, theater, poetry, dance, traditional culture, pyrotecnics, paint with wine…
  • Mobility: ballons, helicopters, yatchs, vintage cars…

Creating experiences to remember

We firmly believe that to succeed in holding events – public or private – is necessary to provide them with a common thread, a story with soul that becomes an exciting and unique experience enduring in time.

“People will forget what you saig, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made therm feel”. Maya Angelou

Customization and theming

We live in a time in which the celebration of a great number of events of all kinds causes some saturation to profesional people attending them, which increasingly find it more difficult to take part, since they live it as a waste of time and as one more institutional act, which is necessary to attend with some degree of obligation.

Sapienstravel creates these events differently. It personalizes and thematizes them around the wine culture and gastronomy and integrates formal and working aspects with a playful side that makes them very attractive for participants, in whom leaves a long and emotional footprint.