Collaborative entrepreneurship and networking

Sapienstravel is committed to wine tourism, a still embryonic sector in our country but with great potential for growth, which provides an opportunity factor and can be of great strategic value in tourism planning in Catalonia.
This entrepreneurial attitude towards the development of the sector is reflected in search of networking and collaboration with companies and public and private entities.

Because the paradigm of tourism has changed and it is necessary to focus on the customer demand , no longer want to ” see things ” ; now they want “living things ” and increasingly do at home, feeling more travelers and less tourists.

We are committed to creating complex touristic products, able to meet all customer needs. Offering a Discovery in depth of the territory, personality, landscape, tradition, history, cuture and people of our country. An emotional, sensitive and stimulating journey through the wine culture, land and people that make it happen.

Wine tourism, sustainable development

We believe in a tourisme model that does not plunder, and enriches both the host community and travellers. A tourism able to reinvent destinations, to empower them with their own stories and have them become cultural, economic and social engine.
As a result of this way of interpreting tourism, we develop a sustainable, quality and added-value tourism. A wine tourism designed with the aim of knowing the territory, experiencing ways of life and enjoy exprience and products in their place of origin, making it possible for the primary sector to open a new way of business. This form of tourism becomes a domestic engine which promotes local development and contributes to decentralize and de-seasonalise supply.

Sapienstravel is part and activaly participates in the following initiatives:

  • Agència Catalana de Turisme
  • Cercle de Turisme de la Diputació de Barcelona
  • Marca Enoturisme Catalunya
  • Ruta del Vi Empordà
  • Ruta del vi Alella
  • Consorci Enoturisme Penedès
  • Associació Catalana d’Agències de Viatges Especialitzades
  • Aula Internacional d’Innovació Turística d’Esade
  • Association of Culture and Tourism Exchange
  • Associació Catalana de Sommeliers
  • CoMeDPro – Common Mediterranean Development Programme

Research and innovation are part of the Company philosophy Sapienstravel.

The skill of team members in different áreas and specializations (enology, MBA, master in international studies, translation, Law, computer science, etc.) and the Company manager as interuniversity master degree in planning and management of wine tourism, creates a transfer and practical application of knowledge when creating all kinds of tourism products of the company.

Xavier Andreu Vicente
Xavier Andreu VicenteManager
Inter-university master in Planning and Management in Wine Tourism. Diverse backgrounds in business, tourism and enology. More tan thirty years of profesional experience as enterpreneur, team director and project management. Fascinated by wine culture and travel.
Mariona Estany
Mariona Estany Promoció i màrqueting
Graduated in tourism. After doing the academic practices in Viemocions and very interested in wine tourism, she is the youngest and most recent incorporation to the team. With the experience acquired in the creation of products and the management of marketing and promotion platforms, she wants to contribute with her vision, learning and enjoying the trip.
Julio Aparicio Varela
Julio Aparicio VarelaTourism projects
3-years Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems and 5-year Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, 12 years of experience in Information Technology and project management.
Maria Cobeña i Guàrdia
Maria Cobeña i Guàrdia
Superior technical in sales management and commercial spaces, specialized in public relations. The dedication to the service of people is an intrinsic part of her personality, the smile the best presentation. With a resolute attitude, it always seeks to achieve excellence in any matter. Excited to continue filling knowledge bag, to end up sharing the best of what surrounds us.
Marisol González
Marisol GonzálezCommunication
Technical Telecommunications Engineer specialized in communication and cultural promotion since 1996. He has been in charge of the press El Musical Más Petit and La Perla 29; co-founder and co-director of and co-producer of the West End concerts in Barcelona. Web designer and community manager of different artists. Author of the musical theater block Out Of Broadway, and producer of musical theater concerts such as the charity ‘Amor x Amor’.
Àngel Garcia<br />
Àngel Garcia
Oenologist, communicator and trainer of sommeliers
Àngel is a combination of Enology, Health, Teaching and Communication, amuses enjoying wine and his stories. He is the autor ‘100 coses que cal saber dels vins” (100 things you need to know about wine), oenological commentator and profesor of sommeliers.
David Bizarro Socada
David Bizarro SocadaProduct creation
From the universitary world, with experience in management of postgraduate courses, he is part of Viemocions’ project creation team since 2013. Passion for wine, land and culture.

Promotion and marketing of products

Sapienstravel S.L. It has its own travel agency specializing in wine tourism and gastronomy, Logo Viemocions - petit

Unlike other consultancies, this allows us to close the entire tourism process, with marketing and distribution of the product created, and, thus, be present and control from the begining to the end the whole life cycle of the tourist product. It also allows us to carry it out with all legal guarantees and complying with the requirements of 123/2006/CE Service Directive (Bolkestein Directive).

Viemocions sells products online and offline in the same agency and participates in various fairs, workshops, and other events, focused on both the B2C and B2B segments, as it can act as a wholesaler of his own product and as an inbound agency for TTOO (tour operators) and outbound travel agencies.

NOTE : The quotes below included have been translated by Sapienstravel to facilitate understanding

“Flying over Penedès in microlight and celebrate after making your own cava (catalan sparkling wine) or explore landscapes of vineyards and trenches in Terra Alta are just some of the custom-made routes of Viemocions, one of the pioneer agencies in wine tourism services, a tourism model that is growing strongly”.

“In addition to the existing circuits and packs to get the most out of Catalan Protected Designations of Origin, Viemocions make available to travellers who love wine custom-made routes that combine relaxation, adventure or Discovery with vineyard and its products. For those not wanting or not being able to pack, the company organizes courses and tastings to travel without displacement and, also, the web is a well of wine science prepared to answer any questions or to advise anyone in need”.

“Viemocions is a free portal where any amateur can ask, suggest, contribute and comment on everything related to wine culture.Viemocions is a space where to find historical references, links to art, tradition of vine growing and the world of wine in all its full extent. And Viemocions is also a travel agency that makes a la carte wine routes, with exclusive rooms, prepared visits to wineries, SPAs, rural hotels and rarely visited vineyards that will open their doors to you. What a blend!”.